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Title of Film: When The Wolf Comes Home

Date of Screening: October 1, 2020

Film Block Time: 4:00pm



When The Wolf Comes Home

Category: A short, A Long Island Film, A woman directed film, A first time director film

Director: Nicole Rinaldi

Producer(s): Anna Abbanat

Writer(s): Nicole Rinaldi

Runtime of Film: 23:00

Andrew receives a call at work from his daughter’s school counselor asking him to come in. In this meeting, the counselor informs him of a concerning change in his daughter Sofia’s behavior and that she may be on a similar path to his wife Marilyn, who is struggling with her depression. Andrew begins his mission to become a better father for his family, but is he causing more harm than good?

Other Info:
Drama, Family Film, Women Directed
My film is a NEW YORK premiere
Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts
Filmed in Queens, Filmed in Nassau County