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Title of Film: NOC – Non-Official Cover

Date of Screening: August 14, 2021

Film Block Time: 9:15pm


NOC – Non-Official Cover

Category: Webisode/New Media project

Director: Ian Voglesong

Producer(s): Ian Voglesong

Writer(s): Alex Swift, Ian Voglesong, Joel Brady

Runtime of Film: 25 minutes 37 seconds

Richie Jones is a down on his luck actor. Barely making ends meet as a waiter, his life is quickly going nowhere when he is approached by agents Martin and Karla with an offer that seems too good to be true. As is often the case, Richie finds himself in over his head and he must decide how far he’s willing to go to achieve his dreams.

Other Info:
My film is a LONG ISLAND premiere
Filmed in Manhattan, Filmed in Queens, Filmed in Brooklyn
Some profanity / mild violence


All Screenings in the LIIFE line-up will be held at the Bellmore Movies (directly North of the Bellmore train station)
Bellmore Movies
222 Pettit Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710
516 783-3199