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Title of Film: MONTAUK77

Date of Screening: July 15, 2022

Film Block Time: 4:00pm



Category: A feature (60 minutes or greater), A Long Island Film, A first time director film

Director: Michael Scully

Producer(s): Executive Producer: Erik R. George, Producers: Blaise Guadagno, Lucille Guadagno, Michael Guadagno, Lydia Guadagno, Associate Producers: Linda Shaw, Brian Roggeman, Virginia George, Walter Brown, Maryann Brown, Angel Coloprisco, Gloria Pirrone

Writer(s): Michael Scully and Michayla Scully

Runtime of Film: 94 minutes

After reluctantly agreeing to transport a woman’s remains to the beach at Montauk Point, Long Island, a middle-aged, down-on-his-luck rid-share driver named Harry is asked to form a criminal pact and pull off a risky bank heist with the woman’s newly orphaned, fifteen year old daughter, Liz.

Other Info:
Drama, Comedy, Family, Heist Film
Filmed in Queens, Filmed in Nassau County, Filmed in Suffolk County
Mild Profanity
Implied Mild Violence


All Screenings in the LIIFE line-up will be held at the Bellmore Movies (directly North of the Bellmore train station)
Bellmore Movies
222 Pettit Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710
516 783-3199