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Title of Film: Marijuana Minutes

Date of Screening: July 16, 2022

Film Block Time: 9:00pm


Marijuana Minutes

Category: A feature (60 minutes or greater), A first time director film

Director: Ryan D. Moore

Producer(s): Ryan D. Moore, Justin Guerrieri, Nicholas J. DeMicco, Monika Kolodziej, Jared Cardenas

Writer(s): Ryan D. Moore

Runtime of Film: 84:00:00

Potheaded ne’er-do-well Amy just wants to hang out and get high. She has no job, no money, no plans, and no problems. But when she discovers a vape pen that can reverse time, she must scramble to restore temporal order (and hopefully get some nookie in the process). With help from her psychotic best friend, Clover, Amy battles with a bizarre supply-chain of drug dealers, lame online dates, and a slew of other oddballs in this indie comedy sci-fi adventure.

Other Info:
My film is a NEW YORK premiere
Mild sexual situations and heavy drug use and lots of profanity.


All Screenings in the LIIFE line-up will be held at the Bellmore Movies (directly North of the Bellmore train station)
Bellmore Movies
222 Pettit Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710
516 783-3199