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Title of Film: Devils Among Angels

Date of Screening: July 14, 2022

Film Block Time: 4:00pm


Devils Among Angels

Category: A feature (60 minutes or greater)

Director: Jerry Landi

Producer(s): Jerry Landi

Writer(s): Samuel Marder

Runtime of Film: 70 minutes

The true story of world class violinist Samuel Marder , who survived years in a concentration camp. He spent the rest of his life teaching children about his experience, and how not to hate but instead how to love each other, no matter who you are .

Other Info:
My film is a WORLD premiere
Filmed in the Bronx
Mr Samuel Marder


All Screenings in the LIIFE line-up will be held at the Bellmore Movies (directly North of the Bellmore train station)
Bellmore Movies
222 Pettit Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710
516 783-3199