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Title of Film: Connexions : Rothko X Monet

Date of Screening: August 10-11, 2021

Film Block Time: 9:00am


Connexions : Rothko X Monet

Category: A short, A documentary, A woman directed film

Director: Annie Dautane and Eve Ramboz

Producer(s): Annie Dautane

Writer(s): Annie Dautane and Eve Ramboz

Runtime of Film: 26 minutes

Bringing together the large panel of the Water Lilies: Morning with Willows by Claude Monet, known as the father of impressionism, and No 27 by Mark Rothko, American abstract impressionist painter, allows us to understand the fascination that Rothko held for Monet.

Other Info:
Art and Culture
My film is a NEW YORK premiere
France / Paris


This film is viewing virtually.