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Title of Film: Chicks

Date of Screening: August 10-11, 2021

Film Block Time: 9:00am



Category: A foreign film, Webisode/New Media project

Director: Eduard Oganesyan

Fedor Bondarchuk;
Ruben Dishdishyan;
Olga Kochetkova;
Vyacheslav Murugov

Eduard Oganesyan;
Nastya Kuznetsova;
Anton Kolomeets

Runtime of Film: 50

Chicks is a women-driven dramedy, with a local flavour and a very fresh visual style. The story is about four corner girls from a small town in Russia who decide to change their lives entirely, and to open their own fitness club. The first couple of episodes are quite funny, while we follow the girls trying to open a business without any necessary skills. But the longer we watch it, the more we understand how difficult it is to be an uneducated woman in a small town, and how desperate they are. The show is raising problems of a very traditional and religious society, gender maltreatment and social inequality.

Other Info:
Comedy, Drama
My film is a UNITED STATES premiere
Moscow ,Russia
Sexual Situations, Profanity


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