Best Feature Film
Director/Producer: Rick Bieber
Writer: Rick Bieber, Jason Ehlers, Brent Boyd

Best Feature Film – 35 mm
Blind Ambition
Filmmaker: May Victor

Best Feature Film – 16 mm
Filmmaker: Brian Lederman

Best Feature Film – Video
The Art of Travel
Director: Thomas Whelan

Best Short Film – 35 mm
Onde Corte – Short Waves
Assistant to Producer: Jean Denis Le Dinahet

Best Short Film – 16 mm
Director: Yoshi Atsumi

Best Short Film – Video
Producer: Nathan Lorch

Best First Film
The Dueling Accountant
Director: Peter Bishai

Best Director
Henry May Long
Director/Producer: Randall Sharp

Best Story
Calling It Quits
Writer/Director: Anthony Tarsitano

Audience Award
Just Like Joe
Director/Co-Writer/Producer -Fred Carpenter

Best Long Island Film
The Big Shot Caller
Filmmaker: Marlene Rhein and Christine Giorgio

Alan Fortunoff Humanitarian Film Award
Beyond the Call
Director/Writer/Producer: Alan Belic

Best Documentary
Out Late
Directors: Jennifer Brooke and Beatrice Alda
Writer: Beatrice Alda

Best Animation
Filmmaker: Tatchapon Lertwirojkul

Best Student Film
Heads or Tails (Pile ou Face?)
Filmmaker: Alain Furcajq

Best First Film
Producer: Barry Caldwell

Best Foreign Film
Producer: Boris Groenemeyer
Director: Mirko Echghi-Ghamsari

Jury Prize Best Short Film
Paper Angels
Director/Producer: AJ Ingoglia, Bob O’Reilly
Writer: Charles Hall
Long Island International Film Expo
Tech Award Winners – 2008

Best Editing of a Feature Film
Daniel Khoury & Mercedes Curutchet
The Dueling Accountant

Best Editing of a Short Film
Shannon Weiss
Long Way Home

Best Original Score
Alf Bishai
The Dueling Accountant

Honorable Mention for Best Original Score
Marlon Bishop
The Games of Night

Best Art Direction
Laurie Little

Best Cinematography
Silvio Santini & Suny Behar
Blind Ambition

Best Actress
Heather Dilly

Honorable Mention for Best Actress
Adrienne Wilkinson

Best Actor
Dennis Boutsikaris
Calling It Quits

Honorable Mention for Best Actor
Joseph Halsey
The Maltese Murder Mystery

The Triple Play Award for Best Technical Integration
(of Art Direction, Original Score and Cinematography):
Henry May Long
Art Direction – Eric Friedewald
Cinematography – Ben Wolf
Original Score – Max Richter