Henry Stampfel

Debra Markowitz
Vice President

Anthony Labriola
Long Island Puppet Theater

Ramfil Myrthis
Beast of the East Productions

Karen Rizzo
Silver Lining Consultants

Honorary Board Members and Advisors:

Steve Buscemi, Actor
Steve Guttenberg, Actor
Brian O’Halloran, Actor
Jackie Martling, Comedian/Actor
Eddie McGee, Actor
Chris Burke, Actor
Michael Arbouet, Mad Prodigy Productions
Larry Strong, Producer,  Leaky Media
Isil Bagdadi, Cavu Pictures
Mitchell Bard, Snapper Films
Kory Mills Diskin, Jade Productions
Cady Huffman, Actress
John MareanIntention Films and Media
Anne Stampfel, Malverne Cinema
Laura Siegel, CEC Entertainment
Helene F. Schulman,  www.MoviesFilmedOnLongIsland.com


Legal Counsel
Michael Prywes, Esq.
Attorney, Prywes, PC


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