Young Filmmakers Synopsis

Friday, July 12, 2019 – 11:00 a.m.
Bellmore Movies222 Pettit Avenue
Bellmore, NY  11710

Charlene Trailer 1:27 min

Peter Ingenito and Josh Graydon present a quick teaser trailer of their upcoming film Charlene. Charlene is about a detective in a small town begins to suspect that one of the three kids he’s interrogating may have been the murderer of his daughter.

The Choice 2 min

This short film is from the perspective of a child whose mother has out-of-control addictions to multiple drugs. The child observes how the mother’s inappropriate actions have impacted her life in a negative way and learns from this.

Inspiration: One of my best friends is addicted to drugs and I am doing my best not to follow her and learn from her wrongdoings.

Actors: Judy Goss as Mom, Dara Levitt as Daughter Danielle Levitt as the director, producer, and writer, Music by Ross Bugden

The Committee Room 5:18 min

Based on the short story “Ivy Day in the Committee Room” by James Joyce, this short film is about political campaign workers in a local election. Their conversation about their work and each other exposes their personal short comings such as gossiping, lacking commitment and paralysis.

Long Beach High School Film Students

Operation SPLASH Commercial 0:30 sec

Writer – Devorah Crupar; Storyboard Artists – Melody Moy, James O’Connor; Grips – Colby Lewis, Carly Siegel; Cinematographer – Charles Mandell; Creative Consultant – Kendall Lampkin; Actors – Devorah Crupar, Erin King-Sweeney, Cameron Krywe, Tyler Krywe; Director, Editor – Eric Krywe  Synopsis: This commercial/PSA showcases the incredible effort that the non-profit organization Operation S.P.L.A.S.H. does to ensure that our Nassau County bays remain clean. Since 1990, over 2 million pounds of trash has been removed from south shore bays through the efforts of Operation S.P.L.A.S.H.  Inspiration: The Town of Hempstead was looking to create a commercial to promote the membership and awareness of Operation S.P.L.A.S.H. The T.O.H. looked no further than the Television Program at Long Beach High School to create a professional looking commercial to broadcast on public TV.

Giving Hope to Children in Chinatown 1:00 min

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer – Charles Mandell Synopsis: This short film was created to highlight the donation of toys to Chinatown’s less fortunate children during the holidays. Toys for Tots sponsored the event with Martino Auto Concepts as they showcased their exotic cars.  Inspiration: I wanted to show the good-deeds of Marino Auto Concepts and love to film exotic cars. This was the perfect match!

Exposure 1:10 min

Writer, Director, Editor – Alex Call; Producer, Creative Consultant – Edward O’Shean Synopsis: This movie trailer will send chills down your spine as teenagers expectations go awry, once they make the wrong choice by conjuring up evil after dabbling with witchcraft.Inspiration: After watching “The Blair Witch Project”, I was inspired to create a movie of my own. As a beginning filmmaker, I wanted to start with a trailer and will eventually build to something even longer. I learned that timing, sound and the right edits can give my viewers a thrill!

Long Island, New York  1:30 min

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor – Charles Mandell Synopsis: This film shows the true beauty of the South Shore of Long Island from an aerial perspective. The use of drone photography allows us a breathtaking view from bay to ocean  inspiration: I love photography/cinematography and typically shoot landscapes and what better way than to film from the air? The south shore is so gorgeous that I had to capture its magnificence with the use of my Phantom 4 drone.

Lost & Found 4:35 min

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor – Ashanti Sherred; Actors – Ashanti’s brother and cousin Synopsis: This film depicts the struggle that two young brothers face on a daily basis as they feel caught in the middle of a physically abusive family relationship. Ultimately, the young boys feel they have to take fate into their own hands.Inspiration: The desire to showcase what can happen when children are left to feel like they have no power and resort to violent matters of their own.

Sneaky Adventure  4:49 min  

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor – Ashanti Sherred; Actor – Ashanti’s little brother  Synopsis: This film follows a young boy during his adventure away from home with his trusty sidekick Grizzy. Will he return before his mom realizes he’s left?  Inspiration: I love to make films that tell a story with limited words. This was an opportunity to do just that by filming in multiple locations and exploring interesting camera angles.

Long Island High School For the Arts Film Students

Seedhead 2:17 min

A quirky story of friendship and botany. By Reece Daniels

Infinity Love 2:25 min

A scorned woman finds love in an unusual place. by Julia Sprung

Beth 2:25 min

YouTube star Beth MacBeth searches for the zodiac killer. by Ryan Young

Untitled 2:29 min

A short romantic comedy set in a school.  by Danielle Keane

The Silent Theatre 3:03 min

A young woman ventures out and visits a theatre. by Skya Theobald

Florida Man 3:57 min

A school lockdown by a mysterious threat leads to a substantiation of a conspiracy theory by Sierra Miles

Lady Butterfly 4:38 min

A Broadway star from a bygone era struggles with her career and image after a poor opening night. by Emma Berens

Barry Tech Film Students

Set Construction  3 min

A Comedy – A frustrated young director tries to keep her crew in line, by Jonny LaPlaca

Bell Aspetto   5 min.

A Thriller – An obsessed classmate goes too far, by Jameon Moriah

Unhinged  8 min

A Psycho Thriller – A young man mourns the loss of his beloved girlfriend only to find out he knows the killer, by Leslie Cruz