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Title of Film: Waxwing Slain (1968)

Date of Screening: October 7, 2020

Film Block Time: 4:30pm



CFA Presents Waxwing Slain (1968) by John Boggs (commentary by Charles Minnimatsu)

Category: A short, A Long Island Film

Director: Mike Natale

Producer(s): Mike Natale

Writer(s): Mike Natale

Runtime of Film: 13:33

“A former student of a recently deceased and forgotten ’60s filmmaker provides commentary to the late director’s film, offering a unique interpretation as only he could.

Produced on a budget of $0, composed entirely of repurposed public domain footage, assembled through free and public resources, the film is an homage to Nabokov, neurosis and non-narrative film.”

Other Info:
Drama, Experimental, LGBTQIA
My film is a NEW YORK premiere
Filmed in Manhattan, Filmed in Brooklyn, Filmed in Nassau County
The film features censored images from 50s homoerotic publications, a seconds long sequences from a 1940s stag film featuring a momentarily topless woman (whose nudity is obscured by over-exposed and aged film, an image of a pumping heart from a Soviet “science” film and a brief segment of spanking from a 50s stag film. However, none of the above-mentioned are particularly graphic nor does any single image linger for longer than 15 seconds.