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Title of Film: VAL

Date of Screening: October 7, 2020

Film Block Time: 4:30pm




Category: An animation, A woman directed film, A first time director film, Webisode/New Media project

Director: Valentine Aprile

Producer(s): Palikari Pictures and Valentine Aprile

Writer(s): Valentine Aprile

Runtime of Film: 15 minutes

VAL mixes live-action and animation to tell the story of a New York artist and her young teen daughter as they face the reality of a zero dollar bank balance. Using a combination of narrative story telling & diary like monologues VAL explores themes such as identity, financial security, & sexuality with unsparing honesty while maintaining a vibrant sense of fun. Val is on a metaphorical motorcycle ride on her way to making her mark in (art) history…hopefully.

Other Info:
Dark Comedy, Women, Art, Financial Security, Parenthood, Family, Relationships, Arts Culture and Economy, Social Issues
My film is a LONG ISLAND premiere
Filmed in Manhattan
profanity, sexual situations