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Title of Film: The Puppet Free Library

Date of Screening: October 6, 2020

Film Block Time: 1:30pm



The Puppet Free Library

Category: A short, A documentary

Director: Jared Leong

Producer(s): Jared Leong, Stefan Linhares


Runtime of Film: 5:55

Located in the heart of Boston, in a hidden alley-way between a church and hotel, the Puppet Free Library remains one of the few homes for the dying art of puppetry. Created in 1976, the library has been an important part of Boston life, providing puppets for city-wide parades and events, local school performances, and even curious young puppeteers. Sara Peattie, a legendary puppeteer, continues to run the library, keeping puppetry and the local Boston gem alive.

Other Info:
Documentary, Hidden Stories, Women, Art, Design, Boston, City Life
My film is a LONG ISLAND premiere