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Title of Film: The Bartender

Date of Screening: October 3, 2020

Film Block Time: 12:00pm



The Bartender

Category: A short

Director: Travis Newsad

Producer(s): Lelai Givens

Writer(s): Joseph Apatow

Runtime of Film: 10 min 45 sec

Carly, the skillful bartender at a swanky hotel lounge, is thrown off her game by the arrival of Alan, a powerful investor. As Alan and his leadership team celebrate with round after round of drinks, Carly is haunted by a dark secret about him, and becomes increasingly concerned for the safety of Heather, the only woman in the group. Will Carly conquer her fear of confronting Alan in time to stop Heather from leaving with him―or will she be forever doomed to relive the past?

Other Info:
Psychological Thriller, Drama, Women, #MeToo
My film is a LONG ISLAND premiere
Boston University, Massachusetts
Sexual Situations