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Title of Film: Keeping Our Time

Date of Screening: October 7, 2020

Film Block Time: 4:30pm



Keeping Our Time

Category: A Short

Director: Sean O’Connor

Producer(s): Molly Gazay, Sean O’Connor

Writer(s): Molly Gazay

Runtime of Film: 0:05:31

Special Agent Rori Pagan and her partner Special Agent Aaron Lawson, are use to putting themselves on the line. The stakes are high and lives are on the line but when Rori gets an uninvited call, her emotional skills are put to the test. Can she let go of old grudges or will she decide to let that chapter of her life pass?

Other Info:
Drama, Crime Drama, Family Drama, LGBTQIA
My film is a NEW YORK premiere
Filmed in Brooklyn
Violence, Guns, Kidnapping, Gunshot