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Title of Film: High Card

Date of Screening: October 2, 2020

Film Block Time: 3:00pm



High Card

Category: A short

Director: Conner Keesling

Producer(s): Lucy Keller, Conner Keesling

Writer(s): Conner Keesling

Runtime of Film: 14 minutes, 25 seconds

Carly and Emory are two people who have been on a few dates. Emory is more soft-spoken and shy, while Carly is outspoken and energetic. When Carly invites Emory to her place after their fourth date with intentions of becoming intimate, the two of them end up dancing around the subject through conversation.

Other Info:
Drama, Comedy, Romance
My film is a NEW YORK premiere
UNC Wilmington, North Carolina
Sexual situations, profanity