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Title of Film: Hard To Love

Date of Screening: October 6, 2020

Film Block Time: 4:30pm



Hard To Love

Category: A music video

Director: Jimmy Greco

Producer(s): Jimmy Greco

Writer(s): Deanna DeMola & Jimmy Greco

Runtime of Film: 5 minutes

Deanna wanted to create a music video to make viewers aware that the characters and their stories in this video are more than just stories, that they’re real. And they’re happening right now. These issues are dealt with daily by many people and their struggles are something that Deanna felt needed a voice and she hoped that this song and video would help to bring these very real and painful emotions to others who cannot relate to what these people are going through and hopefully begin a process for better acceptance and understanding.

Other Info:
LGBTQUIA, Domestic Violence Awareness, Music Video
My film is a WORLD premiere
Filmed in Queens