Long Island International Film Expo 2008
July 8 – 17, 2008
Official Selections


50,000,000 (8m, U S A) Mini DV
Tuesday, July 8 9:00pm
Megastar Sal Macino refuses to commit to the film, ‘AK-47th St,’ for fifty million dollars. List Balken wants the job. Their agent resorts to extreme tactics to convince them. Chaos ensues. Dredo is alive and well.
Writer: John Miller
Director: Peter Liska
Producer: John Miller, Vincent LoRusso

A(t)tempting Escape (3m, U S A) DV Cam
Sunday, July 13  7:00 pm
An incompetent office worker sees a tempting alternative to his reality. His attempt at escape does not go well.
Director: Bill Williams

Abuse (7m, Burundi, Africa) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 9:30 pm
An aspiring university student moves to Bujumbura from the countryside and has to deal with a dangerous living situation. One of five short dramatic films made during the pilot-project launch of a media development project the Burundi Film Center in the summer of 2007.
Writer/Director: Didier Armand Ruyuku

Alan & Suja (11m, U S A) Mini DV
Monday, July 14 9:30 pm
When hometown boy, Alan, meets exotic girl, Suja, his whole world gets turned upside down. Can he build up the courage to ask her out? Will she have any interest in him whatsoever? Join Alan and Suja on a fast-paced weekend quest full of romantic blunders and blundering romance.
Writer/ Director/Producer: Todd Tinkham

Alicja Wonderland (20m, Poland, United Kingdom) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 9:30 pm
So he sat on, with closed eyes, and half believed himself with Alicja, though he knew he had but to open them again, and all would change to dull reality — the grass would be only rustling in the wind, and the pool rippling to the waving of the reeds. Sexual situation, violence.
Writer/Director/Producer: Martin Gauvreau

Ana Lucia (15m, Cyprus, Spain, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 16 2:00 pm
Ana, a 13-year old deaf girl from Andalucia possesses a love and passion for flamenco. After being abandoned as a child by her father, Ana becomes the sole provider for her alcoholic mother and her 4-year old brother. As a result of Ana’s isolation and loneliness she creates an imaginary companion who appears when she is in distress. Lucia, a beautiful flamenco dancer, becomes the mother figure that Ana so desperately longs for. But as Ana leaves her childhood behind, she must come face to face with Lucia’s existence.
Writer: Alberto Ortega, Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis, Patrick Larsen
Director: Charalambos Mavromichalis
Producer: Charlie Woodhouse

Ancestor Eyes (15m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 4:30 pm
After getting sick, a young Native American woman, Willa, returns to her mother’s home where they both must come to terms with her sudden illness. Willa’s mother, who had been a long time “shut in”, begins venturing outside with her camcorder, taping the sunrise and mountains, bringing the outside world in to the bed ridden Willa. Pain turns into a source of inspiration, igniting her mother’s gift for storytelling and ultimately paving a path of magical transformations. Language.
Writer/Director: Kalani Queypo (1st Project)
Producer: Elena Finney, Angela Koenen, Brian Wescott, Kalani Queypo

Angels in the Night (Der Engel Heut Nacht) (30m, Germany) DV Cam
Thursday, July 10 9:30 pm
Kasper Genziano is a teenage tramp. Lukas Jörmund is a young man from a rich family. A brief encounter during the holidays, and the consequences seem incalculable. Because as Kasper slowly finds out more about Lukas’ story, he has already begun to change his own. Nudity, sexual situation.
Writer/Director/Producer: Tim Moeck

Apologies (13m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 16 4:30 pm
A man obsessed with his career pushes his wife away by not having a child.
Writer/Director/Producer: Dino Castelli

Appassionata (17m, Germany) Mini DV
Saturday, July 12 4:30 pm
Based on a WW II legend: A German soldier awaiting his doom in the pocket of Stalingrad spots an undamaged piano in the no-man’s land between the lines. The urge to play one last time becomes irresistible….
Writer: Balthasar von Weymarn
Director: Mirko Echghi-Ghamsari

The Art of Travel (98m, U S A) DV Cam  Monday, July 14 7:00 pm
Conner Layne is on top of the world. Life seems to be going in the ideal direction until his marriage comes crumbling down at the altar. In the wake of disaster, Conner decides to take the honeymoon solo to Central America. In Panama, he joins an expedition to travel through the Darien Gap: 125 miles of jungle that separates North from South America. The Art of Travel is about the twists and turns in the jungle of life. Inside these moments are new friends and adventures, even in the wake of our darkest moments. James Duval, Maria Conchetta Alonzo
Writer: Brian Labelle, Thomas Whelan
Director: Thomas Whelan
Producer: Emyr Graciano, Kyle Jackson, Brian Labelle, Carol Masterson, Christopher Masterson, Thomas Whelan

Behind Forgotten Eyes (86m, South Korea) Mini DV
Monday, July 14 2:00 pm
As the first English-language film to tackle this volatile issue, Behind Forgotten Eyes examines the enduring legacy of this horrifying chapter of history in both Korea and Japan and aims to focus the world’s attention on this unsettled aspect of Japan’s colonial heritage and to educate an American public unfamiliar with East Asian history and modern society. Time is running out for these women and their stories.
Director: Anthony Gilmore
Producer: Alex Ferrari, Anthony Gilmore

Beneath The Tides (8m, Australia) DV Cam
Sunday, July 13 7:00 pm
A woman on the brink of giving up – burdened with depression & haunted by memories, she must decide the conclusion to her own fate-ridden tale. A beautiful and uplifting story about grief, healing and survival.
Writer/Director: Jacqueline Archer
Producer: Bec Cubitt, Jo Rose

Beyond the Call (82m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 16 2:00 pm
In a Mother Teresa meets Indiana Jones adventure three middle-aged men, former soldiers and modern day knights travel the world delivering life saving humanitarian aid directly into the hands of civilians in some of the most dangerous yet beautiful places on Earth, the front lines of war.
Writer/Director/Producer: Adrian Belic

The Big Shot-Caller (90m, U S A) DV Cam
Sunday, July 13 4:30 pm
A self-sufficient loner meets the wrong girl who breaks his heart but liberates his life. Despite his vision disabilities and a crippling depression, he turns to his childhood dreams of salsa dancing to find meaning. Stars Robert Costanzo..
Writer/Director: Marlene Rhein (1st Feature)
Producer: Christine Giorgio (1st Feature)

Bigger Plans (11m, Burundi, Africa) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 2:00 pm
Moma is a young man who dreams of being an architect to build a better life for himself and his family. One of five short dramatic films made during the pilot-project launch of a media development project the Burundi Film Center in the summer of 2007.
Writer: Rudy KimvuidiI
Director : Cynthia Niyonsaba

Blame the Woman (25m, U S A) Mini DV
Thursday, July 10 9:30 pm
A documentary on why society blames the woman when she is raped or sexually assaulted. Blame the Woman looks at the controversial Maryland Rape Law and the Vermont Cynic Op-Ed piece “One Drink Rape” and answers this question with an assortment of interviews ranging from lecturers to a Women’s Center director as well as the deep and personal stories of two survivors.
Director: John Lazzaro

Blind Ambition (95m, U S A) 35 mm
Saturday, July 12 4:30 pm
Set in small town USA, Blind Ambition revolves around Sapna, a pretty, smart, fun-loving teenager who is all about celebrating life despite the fact that she’s legally blind. Sapna aspires to run a marathon as a tribute to the memory of her late mother.
Director/Producer: Bala Rajasekharuni

Builder of Worlds (29m, Germany) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 16 9:30 pm
What is going on in the life of successful architect Erik Faber?
He should be a happy man: he lives with his lovely wife Jenny and their two children in a dream house that he, himself, designed. Yet, he senses a terrifying truth lying hidden behind his perfect life.
Director: Oliver Kühr, Sascha Haas
Producer: Joachim Maurer

Calling It Quits (88m, U S A) DV Cam
Sunday, July 13  7:00 pm
A world-weary baby-boomer struggles with everyday life, his past and the question of the existence of God, in a painfully humorous quest for
happiness. Shot on Long Island in: Roslyn, Sea Cliff, Town of Oyster Bay, and Huntington Hills. Limited sexual content, language, violence and nudity.
Writer/Director: Anthony Tarsitano
Producer: David Stuart, Jeanne Suggs

Cassie (13m, France) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 4:30 pm
A teenager turns to drugs to numb herself from the reality she is hiding from everyone. Cassie is pregnant, and the way she handles it can be seen as an act of inhumanity or the impulse of a frightened girl. Language, drug use, and violence. Student film.
Writer/Director: Paul Natale

Cecilia Rose (12m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 16 9:30 pm
To find his missing girlfriend, a young man must face a stranger’s harrowing accusations and his own tortured past. Guilt, passion and self-sacrifice converge in this supernatural thriller about a young man willing to do anything to find his girlfriend.
Writer/Director: Judd King
Producer: Nelson Ceron

Citizen Nawi (80m, Israel) DV Cam
Thursday, July 10 2:00 pm
Citizen Nawi documents the tumultuous life of one of the most fascinating men in the Israeli left – Ezra Nawi – a plumber by trade and a political activist who fights for Palestinians’ rights.
Writer: Ron Ofer
Director: Nissim Mossek
Producer: Sharon Schaveet

The Client (2m, Canada) Mini DV
Monday, July 14 4:30 pm
A man goes into a lawyer’s office seeking advice when an accusation surfaces that he is involved in a series of robberies.
Writer/Director/Producer: Jessica Hudson

Continuity Malfunction (2m, U S A) Mini DV
Tuesday, July 15 7:00 pm
Two guys meet on the street and one tells a story to the other, while unexpected changes take place. Hilarity ensues.
Writer/Director: D.W. Paone
Producer: D.W. Paone, Lawrence Paone

Crazy (104m, U S A) 35 mm
Opening Night Film Block
Friday, July 11 7:00 pm
Crazy is inspired by the life of the legendary guitar player, Hank Garland. As a result of his often conflictive experience with the Nashville Mob of the 50’s, and his tempestuous relationship with his wife, Hank barely survived a near-fatal car crash only to be subjected to electro-shock treatments which tragically ended his playing career at the age of 31. Lane Garrison
Writer: Rick Bieber (1st Project, 1st Feature), Brent Boyd, Jason Ehlers (1st Project, 1st Feature)
Director: Rick Bieber (1st Project, 1st Feature)
Producer: Rick Bieber (1st Project, 1st Feature), Alan Cohen

The Curious Life of Bottom Dwellers (13m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 4:30 pm
Two lonely people wonder if there is true love for everyone.
Writer/Director/Producer: Megan Allison

Cycle (5m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 9:30 pm
A short, disturbing cartoon telling the story of a homeless man, living on the subway train in New York City, slowly revealing what caused his deterioration. Student film.
Director/Producer: Guy Bar’ely

Cycles (74m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 9:30 pm
Set exclusively in a Laundromat, Cycles, is simply, one day in the life of this Laundromat from its opening to its closing. Characters come and go throughout this day, sharing time and then traveling on in anonymity allowing just a glimpse into their lives on this seemingly ordinary yet extraordinary day. Features Ed Dennehy. Language.
Writer: Suzanne Guacci (1st Project, 1st Feature),
Director: Suzanne Guacci (1st Project, 1st Feature), Michael Magnifico (1st Project, 1st Feature)
Producer: Theresa Aquilina (1st Project, 1st Feature)

Cyn (5m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 7:00 pm
Cyn is a twisted tale by about Cynthia, a young woman who is taken away by two psychopaths (Mr. Sugar and Otto) in the middle of the night. Cyn quickly turns the tables on them and soon the night becomes a cat and mouse mind game. While this drama is unfolding, a lone figure watches from a close circuit monitor. Who is Cynthia and what the hell is going on in this twisted tale? Language, violence.
Writer/Director: Alex Ferrari
Producer: Alex Ferrari, Kyra Ozuna

The Daily Grind (4m, Canada) DV Cam
Monday, July 14 7:00 pm
A daughter suspects her father is involved in a shady business and sets out to discover the truth.
Writer/Director: Jessica Hudson
Producer: Tracey Ogonoski

Day on Wheels (12m, U S A) Mini DV
Sunday, July 13 2:00 pm
Based on Cheryl A. Davis’s short memoir about her life as a paraplegic, ‘Day on Wheels’ follows Chet Davies, a 30 something paraplegic who hates dealing with incompetent jerks who rudely confront him about his disability. Language. Student film.
Writer/Director/Producer: Ari Selinger

Decoding Fruit (17m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 16 7:00 pm
On one cold morning in New York City a brother and sister find themselves unexpectedly navigating how to deal with the hopelessness that his manic depression has forced on them and their family.
Writer: Molly Smith Metzler
Director: Ethan Mills
Producer: Leslie Glaser

Demption (10m, U S A) DV Cam
Sunday, July 13 9:30 pm
A burned out junkie returns the money he and his wife stole
from their twisted dealer, leaving violence, chaos and death is his
wake. With the revelation of a bloody execution, a local Detective
(David Krumholtz) enters to pick up the pieces and uncover the truth.
Writer: Sean Crouch
Director: Jason Neudecker (1st Project);
Producer Jason Neudecker, David Krumholtz, Sean Crouch, Melissa Martinez Areffi

A Driving Lesson (25m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 2:00 pm
Silence is broken on a quiet country road when a psychologist, her adolescent daughter, a groundhog and an elderly couple collide.
Writer/Director C. Fraser Press (1st Project)
Producer: Darren Press

The Dueling Accountant (109m, U S A) DV Cam
Sunday, July 13 9:30 pm
A lonely accountant is drawn into a madcap world of intrigue, romance and adventure when he agrees to participate in a fencing duel.
Writer: Peter Bishai, Brennan Smith (1st Project,1st Feature)
Director/Producer: Peter Bishai

Epicac (21m, U S A) Mini DV
Friday, July 11 2:30 pm
Based on a Kurt Vonnegut short story. EPICAC is a science fiction romance about a machine that learns to love. When it understands that it is not made out of ‘protoplasm’, it short circuits itself out of the female and male mathematicians’ lives forever.
Writer/Director/Producer: Will Tully
Producer: Jenny Lenz

Escape from the Fire (13m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 16 9:30 pm
Having just narrowly escaped from a concentration camp, seven year old Avi races desperately through a thick forest while pursued by SS officers. He runs frantically trying to avoid capture. He is discovered by a young girl, and both are frightened by the thought of being found. Two abused children during WWII desperately search for the last remnants of humanity left in a forsaken world.
Writer/Director: Joel Dunn
Producer: Kiri Carch, Joel Dunn, Daniel Spence

Expendable (18m, U S A) DV Cam
Tuesday, July 8 9:00 pm
A day in the life of the anonymous henchmen to a James Bond-style super villain. The World’s Fifth-Largest Evil Organization has a great health plan. When Rudy starts work at A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D., he doesn’t know what to expect. But being handed an AK-47 and asked to shoot any British spies he might see wandering around wasn’t it.
Writer/Director: David Malki
Writer/Producer: Todd Croak-Falen

Family Karma (6m, U S A) DV Cam
Saturday, July 12 9:30 pm
The story of a father, his two sons and the injuries that connect them.
Writer/Director: Joshua Barnett
Producer: Sara Bond, Jimmi James

The Fence (14m, U S A) DV Cam
Monday, July 14 9:30 pm
Joe and Jim are neighbors who share more than a fence in this bleakly funny look at suburbia, marriage and beefsteak tomatoes.
Writer/Director/Producer: Allan Steele

Finding Kraftland (75m, U S A) Mini DV
Sunday, July 13 2:00 pm
After the death of his brother, a Hollywood agent drags his son through an obsessive quest to recapture his own childhood in this documentary.
Writer/Director: Richard Kraft (1st Project, 1st Feature), Adam Shell
Producer: Richard Kraft

First Memories (5m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 9:30 pm
This 3d animation is about a girl’s unique experience that she has in a baby’s dream.
Director/Producer: Soo Hee Han

Fix (95m, U S A) DV Cam
Monday, July 14  9:30 pm
Racing across LA in one, unwieldy day, documentary filmmakers Bella and Milo race from Beverly Hills to Watts to get Milo’s brother Leo from jail to rehab before 8pm, or Leo goes to prison for three years. Inspired by true events. Language.
Writer: Charles Castaldi, Jeremy C. Fels
Producer: Nat Dinga

The Games of Night (23m, U S A) DV Cam
Monday, July 14 2:00 pm
A young boy lies awake. His mother, crying, waits for his drunken father to come home. Imagining himself the hero, the boy fantasizes how he will rescue his father. The Games of Night evokes the impending tragedy of a child caught in a web of addiction and conflict. Based on an autobiographical short story, written by the legendary Swedish writer, Stig Dagerman (b.1921; d.1954, suicide), the director’s grandfather.
Writer: Stig Dagerman
Director: Dan Levy Dagerman
Producer: Dan Levy Dagerman, Lo Dagerman, Tim Fassnacht

The Grayed Escape (10m, U S A) Mini DV
Monday, July 14  2:00 pm
An affectionate comedy about an old man who plots his escape from a dingy nursing home, racing against a callous orderly and his impending mortality.
Writer/Director: Jeremy Dehn
Producer: Jeremy Dehn, Geoffrey Moskowitz

Heads or Tails (Pile ou Face?) (14m, U S A) Mini DV
Saturday, July 12 9:30 pm
Which door does the “hit” wait behind? Language.
sub. By Alain Furcajq

Henry May Long (99m, U S A) DV Cam
Friday, July 11 2:30 pm
Henry May is the self-destructive, golden child of a prominent New York family in 1887. Henry Long is a resourceful, terminally ill entrepreneur. Their chance meeting reveals to both men what they have lost to get where they are, what they are willing to risk to get what they want and what they are willing to lose to live.
Writer/Director: Ms. Randall Sharp (1st Feature)
Producer: Maggie Engelhardt, Sophia Lin

Highlights (9m, U S A) DV Cam
Sunday, July 13 4:30 pm
Young Jane tries to make sense of the world as tragic news is announced in a beauty salon on the “day the world stood still” in 1963.
Writer/Director: Mary Novak
Producer: Laurie Little, Mary Novak

Hikeaway (16m, U S A) Mini DV
Saturday, July 12 7:00 pm
A heartfelt story taking place in a mountain diner, about a petty pickpocket in his early thirties on the run from the police, who finds redemption by stopping a runaway twelve year-old boy from making the same mistakes he did. Student film.
Writer/Director: Yoshi Atsumi
Producer: Nathan Collett, Sarah Takahashi, Sho Thyme

Hollywood Jerome (11m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 4:30 pm
Told in a lyrical multi-textured fashion built on a narrative poem, Hollywood Jerome is the story of a 14-year old who is enthralled and bamboozled by pop-culture depictions of gang culture. When he finds himself the focus of a police standoff he must decide which are stronger, his fantasies or his dreams. Violence, language.
Writer/Director: Frey Hoffman (1st Feature, 1st Project)

Homecoming (5m, U S A) DV Cam
Friday, July 11 9:30 pm
A young soldier returns home from war only to find his father unresponsive to him. His father soon realizes all is not as it once was.
Writer/Director/Producer: Josiah Signor

Homeland (95m, U S A, Israel) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 7:00 pm
Upon completing his service in the Israeli army, Kobi Zucker comes to New York and meets the girl of his dreams. Leila is everything that Kobi ever wanted – but she’s Palestinian. Can their love overcome the hatreds dividing their two peoples? Language.
Writer: Brad Rothschild
Director: Michael Eldridge
Producer: Steven Moskovic

Hungry God (9m, India) Mini DV
Thursday, July 10 7:00 pm
This films reflects on the irony of Idol Worship
Writer/Director/Producer: Sukhada Gokhale-Bhonde

I Could Have Been Five Feet (17m, U S A)  Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 4:30 pm
This compelling documentary features a young woman, formerly an adolescent smoker.
Director/Producer: Michael Arbouet

Intruder (10m, U S A) Mini DV
Saturday, July 12 9:30 pm
Intruder tells the story of a woman who faces an intruder in her home. As the intruder and the woman interact, the plot changes direction leading to a just ending for all involved. Violence.
Writer/Producer: Jeffery Krueger
Director: Brian Spillane

It Rises from the East (18m, U S A) Mini DV
Thursday, July 10 7:00 pm
A gas station manager gives a Persian immigrant an opportunity to work in the store, but during their second night together, a bitter and disillusioned war veteran looking for easy money intrudes. Violence.
Writer/Director/Producer: Sudeep Kanwal
Producer: Michael Croce

Joe Mover (15m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 2:00 pm
Paul Ben Victor, from HBO’s hit television series’ “Entourage” & “The Wire”, stars in this working class drama based on a true story. Joe, a should-be-retired-blue-collar Everyman, wins a chance to fulfill a long-forgotten childhood dream….
Shot entirely in Bohemia & Ronkonkoma, NY, along with a local production crew.
Writer/Director: Lev Gorn, Gabe Fazio
Producer: Lev Gorn, Gabe Fazio, Tommy Walsh, Ellie Stuckey

Just Like Joe (100m, U S A) DV Cam
Friday, July 11 9:30 pm
Heart warming period story (1969) of a high school football team coping with the game and their life under the shadow of the Vietnam War.
Writer: Fred Carpenter, Paul Regina, Joanne Tamburro
Director/Producer: Fred Carpenter

Kivumvu: Basket Boy (12m, Burundi, Africa) DV Cam
Thursday, July 10 9:30 pm
A ten-year-old named Kivumvu (Kirundi for ‘basket’) searches for the origins of his often mocked name. One of five short dramatic films made during the pilot-project launch of a media development project the Burundi Film Center in the summer of 2007.
Writer: Karim Abdul Bakundukize
Director: Pacifique Nzitonda (1st Project)

L’amie de Zoe (Friend of Zoe) (3m, U S A) DV Cam
Tuesday, July 15 9:30 pm
A new girl comes to Zoe’s planet with her family from a distant and different planet. Zoe immediately bonds with Maho and they become best of friends. This is a story of pure and innocent friendship.
Writer: Nathalie Tousnakhoff
Director: Danny Robashkin

La Crème (83m, France) 35 mm
Monday, July 14 4:30 pm
A subversive comedy about celebrity that looks into the predicament of François Mangin. His situation as a man out of work is compounded by something new: a jar of cream that makes him a star.
Writer/Director: Reynald Bertrand
Producer: Isabelle Tillou

Lemon & Lime (6m, United Kingdom) Mini DV
Sunday, July 13 9:30 pm
Revenge is a drink best served with poison. A wealthy housewife plans to murder her husband with a poisoned gin and tonic.
Writer/Director/Producer: Ben Thompson

The Life and Death Experiences of Young Beth Byrd (22m, Finland, U S A) 35 mm
Wednesday, July 16 9:30 pm
Nine-year-old Beth struggles for connection as she, little by little, loses all the important people around her in three brief moments that become collisions between life and death.
Writer: Maarit Nissila, Emily Shuttleworth
Director: Maarit Nissila
Producer: Ryan Cannon

LIRR (20m, U S A) Mini DV
Tuesday, July 8 9:00 pm
A tale of two polar opposites who mystically provide the balm for each other’s souls. Shot on Long Island in: Easthampton, Wainscott and Amagansett. Student film.
Writer/Director/Producer: Nina Chernik

Long Way Home (12m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 9:30 pm
Gregory Sheldon takes the same road home every day of his life. But things are about to go terribly wrong. Gregory must traverse a series of bizarre roadblocks in order to make it safely home to his family. But when he finally makes it to Breaker Street, a disturbing surprise awaits him. Student Film.
Writer: Kevin Schwoer
Director/Producer: Shannon Weiss

Maine Story (24m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 16 4:30 pm
When her high-school sweetheart unexpectedly returns to town, Shelly is forced to confront those things she’s been avoiding, including her 12 year-old son. Student film.
Writer/Director: Nina Chernik
Producer: Nina Chernik, Jennifer Grausman, Jennifer Pellerito

The Maltese Murder Mystery (73m, U S A) DV Cam
Thursday, July 10 7:00 pm
Based on the small town brutal axe murder of Henry Milz and the forced poisoning of her father, Jack Posey, which happened on same day in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated, Nassau Police Detective Laura Posey is manipulated by her mother into finding her father’s killer, witnessed by a then 8 year old Laura. Violence, sexual situation.
Writer: Guy Warren
Director: Joseph Parker

A Man’s World (11m, U S A) DV Cam
Tuesday, July 15 9:30 pm
In the ever-changing corporate world who holds the upper hand? The struggle between male and female face off in “A Man’s World?” And it’s not just about office politics.
Writer: Alveraz Ricardez
Director: Dave Bergeson
Producer: Sean Delgado

Mating Dance (100m, U S A) DV Cam
Tuesday, July 15 9:30 pm
Prey Tell is the story of a beautiful, ‘otherworldly’ woman who dances her way through the relationships of four friends and how their lives are captivated, stirred up and turned upside down by her presence – A cop thriller with a twist…! Sexual situations, violence.
Director: Cate Caplin

Million Calorie March (102m, U S A) Mini DV
Tuesday, July 15 2:00 pm
America. Land of opportunity – and calories. In a nation where bigger is better, one man has taken it too far. 397-pound food addict Gary Michael Marino has had enough and is about to attempt the comeback of a lifetime: losing over 150 pounds the hard way, walking 1200 miles from Florida to Boston to champion obesity awareness.
Writer: Sandra Jaffe, Gary Marino
Director: Gary Marino
Producer: Gary Marino, Jimmy Jay Friedan

Mirror Mirror (15m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 2:00 pm
Estranged from her mother and failing to cope with her father’s terminal illness, ten year-old Tanya indulges in an imagined fantasy world where by offering a sacrifice to a demon living in her bathroom mirror, she will be granted a wish to save her father’s life.
Writer/Director/Producer: Valerie Champagne

Miss Bertram’s Awakening (26m, U S A) Mini DV
Tuesday, July 15 7:00 pm
When her boss of 11 years finally declares his love for her, the super efficient secretary Miss Bertram is thrown into a tizzy as she tries to navigate the unfamiliar waters of romance and seduction. But her suitor’s erratic behavior leads us to wonder if the long suffering Miss Bertram is setting herself up for disappointment.
Writer/Director: Sadhbh Walshe
Producer: Ariel Levy

Mo (105m, U S A) DV Cam
Saturday, July 12 7:00 pm
After discovering that the reason behind all of his physical differences is a genetic mutation called Marfan Syndrome, Mo realizes he will never be able to do many of the things that the people around him take for granted and he will have to prepare himself for a major heart surgery. Erik Per Sullivan (Malcolm in the Middle)
Writer/Director: Brian Lederman
Producer: Monica Lederman

Mojado (Border Crosser) (22m, U S A)  Mini DV
Sunday, July 13 7:00 pm
After fifteen year-old Anne plays a prank on her maid, Sofia, what begins as a joke has grave repercussions for Sofia and her sixteen year-old son, Miguel.
Writer/Director: Angela Trevino
Producer: Christian Clark, Angela Trevino

No Worries (18m, U S A) DV Cam
Friday, July 11 9:30 pm
Haunted by childhood memories, a burned-out master pickpocket sets in motion a tightly choreographed lift. But his hapless victim is more than he bargained for, forcing him to choose between the grind of his life and the magic of his dreams.
Writer/Director: Mark Gerstein
Producer: Lori Ingle

Nothing’s the Same (10m, Burundi, Africa) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 4:30 pm
Anemone, a girl raised with strict Christian values, must deal with a harsh new reality on the eve of her wedding. One of five short dramatic films made during the pilot-project launch of a media development project the Burundi Film Center in the summer of 2007.
Writer: Lyse Elsie Hakizimana
Director: Linda Kamuntu (1st Project)

Officer Down (21m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 16 9:30 pm
Vincent is a vigilante cop who kills drug dealers. When he tracks down the man responsible for almost killing his 10 year old son, his tortured past comes back to haunt him and what should be nothing more than a routine dose of street justice, might prove to be not that simple.
Writer/Director: Richard Recco
Producer: Mace Camhe, Patrick Curd, Frankie Nasso

The Old Man and the Seal (2m, U S A) Mini DV
Saturday, July 12 2:00 pm
A comical arctic adventure. Animation.
Writer/Director/Producer: Michael Clark (1st Project)

Om (16m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 4:30 pm
Om’ is a tragic comedy set during a NY heat-wave. The film explores the inward thoughts of a group of yoga students while they are trying to practice.
Interwoven with the intensity of a bike messenger racing through the Manhattan streets. We watch as these worlds collide, as the final bell rings. There is drug use and sexual situations and language.
Writer/Director: Fredric Reshew
Producer: Gina Amoroso, Fredric Reshew

One Day Seminar (15m, U S A) Mini DV
Thursday, July 10 2:00 pm
Benson Mountebank is the top-rated seminar speaker at The Tryan Learn Institute, where the motto is ‘Real Seminars for Real People.” This short movie chronicles a day in the life of Benson as he checks into his hotel, gets ready in his room and teaches a one-day seminar on ‘Succeeding as a First Time Manager.” As the seminar ensues, we (along with the seminar attendees) bear witness to Benson’s inability to put together a coherent thought.

On Productivity (11m, U S A) DV Cam
Saturday, July 12  4:30 pm
When Marsha’s productivity levels off, her boss calls in a productivity expert to help her get back on track. But perhaps throwing more manpower at the problem isn’t the best course of action.
Writer/Director: Jerry McKay
Producer: Alaina Zyhowski

Out Late (64m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 16 4:30 pm
This feature film looks at five individuals who made a decisive change later in life-to come out as lesbian, gay, or transgender, after the age of 55. Why did they wait until their 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s to come out? And what was the turning point that caused each of these people finally to openly declare their sexuality? From Canada to Florida, to Kansas, we find out what ultimately led these dynamic individuals to
make the liberating choice to pursue fully integrated lives.
Writer/Director: Beatrice Alda (1st Feature), Jennifer Brooke (1st Feature)

Outside Agitator (5m, U S A) 35 mm
Wednesday, July 9 9:30 pm
The film chronicles one day in the life of a social activist as he tries to get his message across to the public on a busy street corner on the upper west side of Manhattan. Animation.
Writer/Director/Producer: Morgan Miller

Outsource (12m, U S A) 35 mm
Sunday, July 13 9:30 pm
Max is about to awaken his long dormant desire for human contact. In his tiny cell of pure function and wall-to-wall screens, he performs menial tasks for the bourgeoisie through a robotic pod. When he discovers a way to communicate with Alice in the neighboring cell, he’ll stop at nothing to reach her.
Writer/Director: Daniel Trezise (1st Project)
Producer: Brady Nasfell

The Pact: A Story of Betrayal (30m, U S A) Mini DV
Tuesday, July 8 9:00 pm
Two friends are bonded by a pact of death. One friend keeps his end of a deadly bargain when the other exposes their dark secret. Violence.
Writer: Anthony Butera
Director: David Sainte, Anthony Butera

Pageant (100m, U S A) DV Cam
Tuesday, July 15 7:00 pm
For 34 years the Miss Gay America Pageant(r) has been the premier pageant system in the art of female impersonation. It is for male artists who create the female “illusion”, so no hormones or implants of any kind are permitted.
Director/Producer: Ron Davis, Stewart Halpern

Paper Angels (24m, U S A) DV Cam
Saturday, July 12 2:00 pm
Brooklyn-born Frank Rice is harboring a secret. Marie Quintero of Long Island is desperate for answers. In the aftermath of September 11, they will meet and begin a journey of remembrance, self-discovery and quiet heroism. A journey of revelations. For those lost, for those missing, and for those who continue to suffer… Paper Angels. Shot on Long Island in: Northport and East-Northport.
Writer: Charles Hall
Director/Producer: AJ Ingoglia, Bob O’Reilly

Parthenabe (19m, U S A) DV Cam
Monday, July 14 4:30 pm
A geriatric caretaker, Parthenabe, looks after Albert, who suffers from Dementia. While Albert’s daughter, Victoria, pursues a blossoming musical career, Albert and Parthenabe share a unique friendship, which is threatened when Parthenabe’s health deteriorates.
Writer/Director: Alexandra Fisher
Producer: Alexandra Fisher, Justin Wolske

Patience (7m, London, United Kingdom) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 16 7:00 pm
Patience is a moving story set on a hospital ward and focuses on the relationship between two old women.
Writer/Director/Producer: Robert Hackett

Pic Six (17m, U S A) DV Cam
Monday, July 14 7:00 pm
Twice a week, Evan buys a lottery ticket for Vic, the big dumb psychopath he works for down at the local pizzeria. Vic always plays the same numbers: 1-2-3-4-5-6. Evan knows the odds of Vic winning are next to impossible, but when he blows off buying Vic’s ticket one day, guess whose numbers come up?
Writer/Director: David Breckman
Producer: Douglas Nabors

Pink Glasses (24m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 2:00 pm
During the beginning stage of love, most couples wear magical pink glasses. When they are wearing pink glasses, they can love and care for one another peacefully and gently, however, when they take them off, they often fall out of love. This is a Romance/Comedy that describes the changes in a couple’s relationship while they wear pink glasses. Michael Constantine.
Writer/Director/Producer: Haruko Kawana

Plainview (24m, U S A) DV Cam
Tuesday, July 15 4:30 pm
Inspired from true events, a restaurant manager attempts to redeem herself after being talked into a humiliating strip search of her socially inept employee.
Writer/Director: Scott T. Jones
Producer: Liz Dotts, Scott T. Jones

Pretty Ugly People (97m, U S A) DV Cam
Saturday, July 12 9:30 pm
After getting gastric-bypass surgery and losing all her excess weight, Lucy (Missi Pyle) tricks her college friends into gathering together again, so she can finally ‘feel like one of them.’ However she soon learns that life isn’t always greener on the other side of obesity. Also features Alison Janney.
Writer/Director: Tate Taylor

Rabia (24m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 16 2:00 pm
Rabia is a woman who must blow herself up in order to exist. From the moment she straps explosives to her bare body, we are exposed to flashbacks of Rabia’s past, filled with abuse, rejection, and struggle. By the time she steps onto a popular Israeli beach, awaiting to kill hundreds of innocent civilians in a massive explosion, we find ourselves asking whether Rabia’s act is one of evil or one of heroism?
Writer/Director: Muhammad Ali Hasan
Producer: Adrian Brevard

Raglin Tales (Chapter 3) (11m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 4:30 pm
Melva, Preston and Sista take a short cut through the park and are confronted by neighbor locals; the kids defend their family name and head to Granny Raglin’s for cinnamon rolls but instead end up discovering the secret about the hanging man.
Writer/Director: Bruce Nelson (1st Project)
Producer: Bruce Nelson, Greg Seki

Rebel Song (15m, Scotland, United Kingdom) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 16 9:30 pm
A woman and two men play out their broken lives amongst the swaying trees, singing hymns of love, lust and murder. Nudity, language.
Writer/Director: Simon Arthur
Producer: Pamela Nelson

The Recording (15m, United Kingdom) Mini DV
Tuesday, July 15 2:00 pm
A film noir inspired film concerning a depressed pregnant woman who finds a dictaphone on which a young Asian man has recorded a journey. By following the recording she embarks on her own journey and in doing so, learns more about the young man, herself and her relationships.
Writer/Director: Annetta Laufer
Producer: Victoria Dabbs (1st Project)

Reflections (16m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 16 9:30 pm
When Carol looks into a mirror — any mirror — she sees images that horrify and repulse her. She’s not a Medium, she’s not a Ghost Whisperer, she’s a frightened young woman on the edge of madness. Language.
Writer: Mark Garbett
Director: Barry Caldwell
Producer: Kim Browning, Barry Caldwell, Mark Garbett

Remarkable Power! (91m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 16 7:00 pm
With the plug about to be pulled on his late night talk show after a fifteen year run, and his wife engaged in a steamy affair, host Jack West (Kevin Nealon) is desperate to keep aflame his fading celebrity, and avenge the misdeeds of his adulterous spouse. With the clock ticking, Jack concocts the mother of all media stunts entangling an eclectic collection of Tinsel Towners in the process with murder and mayhem ensuing. Language. Sexual situations. Stars Tom Arnold, Kevin Nealon, Nora Zehetner.
Writer/Director: Brandon Beckner (1st feature)
Writer/Producer: Scott Sampila

Rockstar (1m, Canada) Mini DV
Thursday, July 10 9:30 pm
A business man makes his daily mundane subway commute to work. He turns a boring commute into an exciting world of an 80’s Rockstar through the power of his mp3 player and his imagination
Writer/Director: Linda Matarasso
Producer: Tracey Ogonoski

Rogue 379 (14m, U S A) DV Cam
Thursday, July 10 4:30 pm
When a CIA assassin is sold-out by his commander, and then manipulated into committing a wrongful murder, he must overcome the psychological paranoia and moral challenges of this life-or-death ordeal.
Writer/Director: Douglas Choi
Producer: Mari Beckman, Begona Castillo, Ben Petuchowski

Say Can You See (7m, U S A) Mini DV
Friday, July 11 2:30 pm
An improbable witness experiences New York City from atop the Empire State Building during a time of extraordinary change. Day to night, light to dark, and the pathos of the American spirit is explored through historic events. Animation.
Writer/Director/Producer: Tony Caio

The Shadow (La Sombra) (7m, Spain) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 7:00 pm
After recalling some feelings from her childhood and youth as a quick collection of images, a woman feels the unavoidable need to walk into the forest at sunset, although she even does not know a reason for it.
Writer: Javier Alastruey
Director/Producer: Karlos Alastruey

Shikashika (11m, Peru) DV Cam
Thursday, July 10 2:00 pm
Shikashika is a documentary short that offers a rare glimpse into life in the Andes mountains of Peru. The filmmakers focus on the unseen practices of extracting glacial ice for shikashika, which is sold at the steps of a cathedral beneath the mountain, Huscaran.
Director: Stephen Hyde (1st Project)

Shiner (20m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 16 4:30 pm
An innocent one-night stand gone badly derails the lives of two strangers.
Writer/Director/Producer: Eli Hershko (1st Project)
(Project has some violence, brief nudity)

Short Waves (Onde Corte) (13m, Italy) 35 mm
Friday, July 11 2:30 pm
Sicily, 60’s. Rebecca is in love with Pietro, a fisherman. When he leaves her, she locks herself up at home, hopeless, listening to the radio the talking between fishermen at sea, looking for the voice of Pietro.
Director: Simone Catania

Siblings (14m, U S A) Mini DV
Tuesday, July 8 9:00 pm
No father. An absent mother. Three siblings. And one epipen needle. Mairead, Damien, and Ian don’t get along. But when a freak accident with a needle injures the youngest sibling, Ian, they must put aside their differences to get him help. Siblings is a comedic look at family bonds with moments of dramatic heart. Mild language. Student film.
Writer: Chris Godburn (1st Project)
Director: Director: Alexander Monelli
Producer: Trenece Frazier

The Sign (Signos) (87m, Philippines) 35 mm
Thursday, July 10 4:30 pm
Louie receives a text message from the province that his father, Ulding, had a heart attack. Louie rushes to drive home from Manila only to find out that the message was nothing but a prank. Louie then senses something eerie about his hometown. He finds out there have been several killings in the barrio all done in the same manner.
Writer/Director: Alfred Aloysius Adlawan (1st Project, 1st Feature)
Producer: Alfred Aloiysius Adlawan Eric Datu Venus Lubrin Dante Mungcal

The Silent Observer (26m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 2:00 pm
Aware that the WW Advertising Company will take over his agency, Tom Vogel and his crew plots to embezzle large amounts of funds to a dummy account. On the eve of the take over, a deaf mute is introduced as an intern from a handicap agency. Tom takes the opportunity to have cruel fun at the expense of the intern while trying to make a final big score. Language.
Writer/Director: Kevin Tudor
Producer: Kevin Tudor, Kevin Tudor, Jr.

Simulacra (4m, U S A) Mini DV
Opening Night Film Block
Friday, July 11 7:00 pm
In the Vast universe, there’s one planet where everything on that planet is machine and robot. One day, a robot finds that there’s one organic life form existing in his world. He decides to find that life form. Animation.
Director/Producer: Tatchapon Lertwirojkul (1st Project)

Skinny (9m, U S A) Mini DV
Thursday, July 10 9:30 pm
The idea of losing weight has come to the forefront of everyone’s life. It’s not about health but about looks and for some it’s more a physical battle, but for Chloe Cullen, a young college student, it’s a mental killer that has taken over her mind, body and spirit.
Writer/Director/Producer: Kimberly Owens

Sophie’s Secret (5m, Australia) DV Cam
Tuesday, July 8 9:00 pm
Sophie came across a worm on a street and the worm penetrated her chest and entered into her body. The worm in her body became a secret. Finally she realized the way to deal with this secret. Student animated film.
Writer/Director/Producer: Yen-Jung Chang

Sovereignty (19m, U S A) DV Cam
Thursday, July 10 9:30 pm
Pulitzer Prize nominated author Rolin Jones, producer and writer of Showtime’s Emmy and Golden Globe winning series, “Weeds” uncoils a hilarious and caustic allegory of the lengths to which people will go to ignore the horrors in the world around them. Adult Language.
Writer: Rolin Jones
Director: Jonathan Sale
Producer: Lydia O’Neill, Jonathan Sale

The Stag Hunt (20m, U S A) DV Cam
Monday, July 14 4:30 pm
A Hitchcockian thriller about probability theory, quantum mechanics and an unhinged triggerman. Violence.
Director: Alfred Thomas Catalfo

Still Life (20m, U S A) DV Cam
Sunday, July 13  4:30 pm
Ian Presse, a celebrated international press photographer, returns to the U.S. after a harrowing assignment in Iraq, only to confront the wreckage of his own personal life.
Writer/Director: Mahesh Pailoor
Producer: Yoshinobu Tsuji

Struck (7m, U S A) Mini DV
Opening Night Film Block
Friday, July 11 7:00 pm
Struck by an arrow that won’t come out, Joel resolves to live with his unusual affliction, despite the torments from life.
Writer: Milena Fereira
Director: Taron Lexton
Producer: Nathan Lorch, Milena Ferreira

The Sun Shines on the Other Side of the Street (25m, U S A) Mini DV
Tuesday, July 8 9:00 pm
This story tells of a father and son who each try to help their family in different ways, under the looming shadow of poverty, drug dealers and social indifference. Starring Tito Puente Jr. Santo Alam, Christian Rosa. Violence.
Director/Producer: Emilio Rosa

Sweetie (22m, U S A) Mini DV
Thursday, July 10 7:00 pm
A young woman named Lilly comes across a little girl playing in her front yard, who appears to be completely alone. Concerned for the child’s safety, Lilly decides to get involved. And it’s the last mistake she will ever make. Violence.
Writer/Director: A.T. Sayre
Producer: Lindsay Shah

The Three Brothers (10m, U S A) Mini DV
Thursday, July 10 4:30 pm
Two brothers decide to rid themselves of their third, overweight brother but become distracted by an opportunity to drink.
Director: Joel Benjamin

This Bus, Every Day (5m, U S A) DV Cam
Thursday, July 10 2:00 pm
‘I ride this bus every day. And every day I think about my life: my family, my parents, my childhood.’ So begins this quietly powerful, short film about life, reflection and the meaning our memories can bring to our lives.
Writer/ Director/Producer: Todd Tinkham

Thokolosi (6m, U S A) Mini DV
Thursday, July 10 2:00 pm
Set in the Southern African country of Botswana, Thokolosi is a tale of the lengths that one man will go to in an effort to win back the woman that he loves. A story passed down from generation to generation about love, evil, black magic and friendship.
Director/Producer: Karabo Legwaila

Underpass (15m, U S A)  DV Cam
Wednesday, July 16 9:30 pm
1992, San Diego. A family of Cambodian Khmer Rouge survivors finds hope when they reach out to a young illegal immigrant. Student film. www.underpassmovie.com
Writer/Director: Rain Breaw
Producer: Larry Bryant, Mary Posatko

Under the Snow (Nevando Voy) (95m, Spain) 35 mm
Tuesday, July 15 4:30 pm
Following the unusual connection made between four workers at different stages of their lives, Under the Snow captures factory life in a way rarely seen: personal, flirtatious, introspective.
Writer/Director: Candela Figueira, Maitena Muruzabal
Producer: Candela Figueira, Maitena Muruzabal

Undocumented (16m, U S A) Mini DV
Sunday, July 13 2:00 pm
An Illegal immigrant and his family are getting ready to celebrate their daughter fifteens party, but will their plans be ruined?
Writer/Director: Joel Rodriguez
Producer: John McGilvary, Joel Rodriguez

Veteran and the Flag (15m, U S A) Mini DV
Wednesday, July 9 7:00 pm
World War II vet walking on beach, sees kids playing war games,
then thinks about his time in the invasion of Normandy.
Writer/Director: Rocco Ferraro

Voices (15m, U S A) DV Cam
Wednesday, July 9 4:30 pm
A second-generation survivor of the Armenian Genocide that claimed the lives of 1.5 million Armenian and 1 million Greek and Assyrian citizens, interviews three survivors of the Armenian Genocide and one survivor of the Greek Genocide.
Director/Producer: Apo Torosyan

Waiting For Her (24m, U S A) DV Cam
Thursday, July 10 9:30 pm
When George meets the girl of his dreams his life is put on hold when he recovers the cell phone that she leaves behind. Now, waiting patiently for her to call, George longs to see this mystery woman again. But how long will he wait? Contains some adult language.
Writer/Director: Alain Alfaro
Producer: Alain Alfaro, Joyce Lau

War Eagle, Arkansas (94m, U S A) DV Cam
Saturday, July 12 2:00 pm
A character-driven drama about a young man’s choice of whether to leave his family and friends for a career in baseball or stay and redeem his struggling community. Starring Brian Dennehy, James McDaniel, Mare Winningham, Mary Kay Place.
Writer: Graham Gordy (1st Feature)
Director: Robert Milazzo (1st Feature)
Producer: Vincent Insalaco

Who’s Good Looking? (7m, U S A) DV Cam
Thursday, July 10 4:30 pm
A witty relationship comedy about aesthetic obsession. A sarcastic simmer boils over as a couple storms their way through an upscale skincare boutique. The film is shot in a single long take.
Writer/Director/Producer: Warren Pereira

Your Money or Your Life (17m, U S A) DV Cam
Sunday, July 13 2:00 pm
A down on his luck, middle aged businessman is accosted by an out of work thug looking for an easy score. This chance encounter brings both men face to face with the perfect solution to their situations, or so it seems. Violence, language.
Writer: Tor Valenza
Director: Surendra Kudva Jr.
Producer: Janelle Connor