Best Feature Film
Sarbane’s Oxley
Ramcess and Benitta Jean-Louis – Producers

Best Feature Film – 35 mm
Nail Polish
Randy Stearns, Courtney Lee-Mitchell,
Jane Ainbinder, Viveca Paulin

Best Feature Film – 16 mm
Meg Sudlik, Patrick Donnelly

Best Feature Film – Video
The Insurgents
Scott Dacko

Best Director 
Brutal Massacre
Stevan Mena

Best Story
Writer-Kerry Douglas Dye

Best Short Film – 35 mm
The Angel
Charles E. Santacrose

Best Short Film – 16 mm
Proof of Birth
Sergei Krasikau

Best Short Film – Video
The Landscaper’s Daughter
Meaghan Lehmann, Reeves Lehmann

Best First Film
Broken Hearts, Electric Shocks
Tom Sutch

Best Documentary
We’ll Take Care of You
Lattanzio Firmian, Alberto Baudo

Best Long Island Film
The Life After
Amy Coneys, Matt Coneys

Alan Fortunoff Humanitarian Film Award
AIDS, Inc.
Gary Null

Best Student Film
Shades of Grace
Luis Davila

Best Foreign Film
Dileep Singh Rathore, Joseph Itaya

Best Animation
Jackie Lao

Gold Pass Winner
Daniel Bernhardt

Audience Award
The Counter
Mark Austin

Jury Prize – Drama
Meg’s Song
Michael DeNarie

Jury Prize – Comedy
Jakob and the Angels
Julie Ford, Olga Gonzales