Jury Prize – Best Picture
The Blue Lizard
Producer:  Leonard Weintraub.
Director:  Fred Carpenter.
Screenwriter:  Lee Kolinsky.

Best Feature Film – 35 mm
Producer:  Stevan Mena.  (Director/Screenwriter also).

Best Video Feature
First Person
Producers:  Richard D’Angelo, Matt Morillo,
Jodi Glassman Director/Screenwriter:  Richard D’Angelo

Best First Feature
Fighting Irish
Ray Daly, Jr.  – Producer
(Director/Screenwriter also).

Best Director
Director:  Charles Addessi, William DeMeo.
Producers:  Charles Addessi, William DeMeo, Nicole Craig.
Screenwriter:  William DeMeo.

Audience Award
Season of the Hunted
Ron Sperling – Producer/Director.
Screenwriter:  Phil Faicco.

Best Short Film – 16 mm
Maid of Honor
Producers:  Matt Morillo, Richard Barbadillo.
Director/Screenwriter:  Matt Morillo.

Best Short Film – 35 mm
Producer:  Eva Saks.  (Director/Screenwriter also).
CoProducer:  Chris Reed

Best Short Film – Video
Get the Script to Woody Allen
Producers:  Keith Black, Steve Marshall.
Director:  Steve Marshall.
Screenwriters:  Steve Marshall, Keith Black.

Best Long Island Film
A Day at the Dojo
Producer:  Tom Miranda
(Director/Screenwriter also).

Best Story
Screenwriter:  Nathan Hall. (Director also).
Producers:  Allison Price, Nathan Hall.

Best Documentary
Face the Music
Producers: Joseph Sguera, John Pallone and Marco Joachim.
Director:  John Pallone.

Alan Fortunoff Humanitarian Film Award
Standing on My Sister’s Shoulders
Producers:  Laura Lipson, Joan Sadoff.
Director:  Laura Lipson.
Screenwriters:  Laura Lipson, Josef Aykee.

Best Student Film
Producer:  Gale Anziano.
(Director/Screenwriter also).