Best 35mm Feature
P.S. Your Cat is Dead
Director/Producer – Steve Guttenberg
Producer – Kyle Clark

Best 35mm Short
Producer – Tricia Nolan

Best Video Feature
Blood Brother
Producers – Joseph Posa/Frank Fidilio

Best Video Short
Some Trouble of a Serious Nature
Producers – William Tucci/Andrew Steffens

Best 16mm Short
Good Tidings
Producers – Matt Morillo/Richard Barbadillo Jr.

Best Director
Love Thy Brother
Director – Ralph Macchio

Best Long Island Film
Know Thy Neighbor
Producer – John Reidy
Producers – Bruce Jehle, K.M. Lau and Christie Wong

Best Story
Screenwriter – Mark Wilkinson

Best Foreign Film
Drop Dead Roses
Producers – Jessica Hudson /Tracey Ogonoski
Producer – Danforth Studios

Best First Feature
Returning Mickey Stern
Producers – Michael Prywes/Joseph Bologna/Jason Akel/Victor Erdos

Best First Short
The Book and the Rose
Producer – Eric Kmetz

Best Documentary
What Happened
Producer – Michael LeFort
Writer/Producer – Chas Mastin
Director – Aldo Bello

Best Student Film
Director – Stefanie Berk
Producers – Ada Chamberlain, Eric Schwarz

Jury Prize
Producers – Joel Silverman/Doyle McCurley

Alan Fortunoff Humanitarian Film Award
Producers- Barry Schneier/Marty Schneier/Allison Lund