Best Director
The Waiting Gam
Ken Liotti

Best Short Film – 16mm
Act of Contrition
Fred Carpenter (producer)

Best Short Film – 35mm
A Feeling Called Glory
Coreen Mayrs (producer)

Best Short Film – Video
Silver & Gold
Elizabeth V. Foley (producer)

Best Documentary
Bob’s Rolling Reefer
Leslye Abbey (producer)

Best Feature Film – 16mm
Jingle Hell
Carter Anne McGowan (producer)

Best Feature Film – 35mm
Now Chinatown
Steven Dunning (producer)

Best First Feature
The Pretenders
Matt Morillo (producer); Richard Barbadillo (producer)

Best Feature Film – Video
John Reidy (producer)

Best Children’s Film
Teleporter: Time and Again
Lou Turner (producer)

Best Student Film
I Am
Joseph H. Biancaniello (producer)

Best Animation
Billy’s Balloon
Don Hertzfeldt (producer)

Best Story
Overnight Sensation
Glen Trotiner; Dean Garvin; Eric Fisher

Best Comedy
All Saint’s Day
Howard Simon (producer); Christopher Lynn (producer);
Thomas J. La Sorsa (producer); Robert Alfano (producer);
Cara Buonincontri (producer)

Humanitarian Film Award
A Separate Voice: Lives of the Traditional
Orthodox and Chassidim
Janice Michaelson (producer); Carla Blair (producer)

Creative Achievement Award
Cliff Robertson (Actor)

Long Island Filmmaker Achievement Award
Greg O’Connor and Gavin O’Connor