Rudy Blue
Best Feature Film – 16 mm
John Werner – Director
Brian Patrick Sullivan – Producer

Soft Toilet Seats
Best Story
Tina Valinsky – Writer/Director

Nathan Grimm
Best Short Film 35 mm
Steven Ayromlooi – Director
Eric Kopeloff – Producer

Best Short Film – Video
Eva Saks – Director

Children of the Wanderers
Best Long Island Film
David Floyd Nesenoff

Alley Cats
Best Animation

The Fourth
Best First Film

The Spitball Story
Best Documentary

Darwin’s Theory
Best Student Film

Friends First and Foremost
Best Feature Film – Video
David Lowell Sonkin – Director
Karie Koppel – Producer

Rendezvous With Zack
Best Short Film – 16 mm
John P. Foster – Director

Amy Everhart
Best Children’s Film
Sam Stumpf – Director

The Hunter’s Moon
Best Feature Film – 35 mm
Richard Weinman – Director
Howard Smith – Producer

A Packing Suburbia
Best Director
Stephen Szklarski

Alan Fortunoff Humanitarian Film Award 
Dharamsala: Tibet in Exile