Best Feature Film – 35 mm
Falling Sky
Producers: Gary Shar and Mark Burman

Best Feature Film – 16 mm
Writer/Director/CoProducer – Craig Kestel

Best Feature Film – Video
Playing With Mr. Greely
Producer/Director – Don Philbricht

Best Short Film – 35 mm
Ready to Burn
Director/Producer – Daria Sommers

Best Short Film – 16 mm
Chekhov’s Gun
Writer/Director/Producer – Matt Nix and Victor Fanucchi

Best Comedy
Good Money
Producer/Director – Jerimiah Bosgang

Best Animation
Cup O’Abominations
Producer/Director – Ben Hillman

Best Documentary
Witness: Voices from the Holocaust
Producers – Joshua M. Greene and Shiva Kumar

Best Student Film
Return of the Sun Devil
Producers – Steven Ayromlooi and Ray Chung

Best Story
The Lesser Evil
Writer – Jeremy Levine and Stephan Schultze
Producer – David Mackay and David Helberg
Director – David Mackay

Best Director
Six Months of Darkness, Six Months of Light
Director: Seth Jarrett