Nassau Independent Cinema Expo 1998
(aka Long Island International Film Expo)

July 17 – July 23, 1998 – Malverne Cinema 4
July 27 – 29 , 1998 – New York Institute of Technology
August 7 – 9, 2008 – Nassau Community College
Official Selections

The Definite Maybe
Zeros and Ones
The Inside Man
Falling Sky
Karen Black Like Me
Pizza Head
Ready to Burn
Idling Brando
Chekov’s Gun
Evil and Upside Down
In Tune
A Hole In The Head
Labor Pains
Good Money
Silent Prey
Witness:Voices from the Holocaust
Goodbye Charlie
Return of the Sun Devil
Terminal Zero
Happy Medium
Snake Feed
Back to These Messages
The Lesser Evil
Soup or Salad
The Shoe Store
Call Me Fishmael
New Testament
Five O’clock in the Morning
Reaper Madness
Cup O’Abominations
Duncan’s Shadow
Six Months of Darkness, Six Months of Light
The Moving Instant
Mad Wolf
Bright Ideas
Headless at the Fair
Playing with Mr. Greeley
The Stork and the Pussy Cat
The Dance
Hotel Manor Inn
Summertime’s Calling Me
Empty Pages
La Desconocida
Terminal Zero
Original Sins