It is with great pride and humbleness that I accept the role of President and Chairman of this wonderful organization and would like to state that I am fully aware of the large shoes I must fill.  Bob Hansen was a great President, and he will be missed by us all.

In that honor, I, along with the entire Board of Directors, will continue to foster the Film and Television Industry here on Long Island; a place that many of us call home.The economic impact of the surrounding area and the thrilling entertainment we offer is something all of us are proud of.  I believe Long Island continually surprises the world with its vast array of spectacular locations supported by the individual talents and efforts of the Long Island Production community.

This year I welcome all attending filmmakers and honor those working in their fields who could not be here.  Thank you for your wonderful submissions which make our Long Island International Film Expo possible.

I also want to thank our Sponsors for their continued support, making our 23rd year a reality boasting a variety of films from all over the world and some from right here at home.  So sit back and relax, and enjoy the Expo where our popcorn is considered the very best!

Henry Stampfel
President LIFTF