Long Island International Film Expo – 2018 Nominees & Winners

Technical Award Winners

Scriptwriting Winners

Acting Award Winners

Best in Film Winners


Technical and Special Acting Award Winners

Best Cinematography

Son to Son – Kevin Garrison


Best Editing

Swiped Right – Dana Marisa Schoenfeld


Best Original Score

SIJI: Driver – Tasos Eliopoulos


Best Art Direction

Son to Son – Todd Jeffrey


Best Original Song

Swiped Right – Travis Elliott – Miles Away


When a film in the technical award competition has the perfect integration of technical elements in three categories, and we consider that our Triple Play Winner. This does not happen every year, but it has in 2018.

Triple Play Winner for:

Best Cinematography – Sandbox – Eddie Lebron

Best Editing – Sandbox – Eddie Lebron

Best Original Score – Sandbox – Chris Lott


Best Actor

Kill AL – Anthony Grasso


Best Actor Honorable Mention

Mortal Wounds – Neil Holland


Best Actress

Sandbox – Nadia Levin


Best Supporting Actor

Mortal Wounds – Clark Middleton


Best Supporting Actress

Swiped Right – Stephanie Weppler



Screenwriting Competition at 2018 LIIFE


Steven Tsapelas
The Land That Time Like Totally Forgot

Runner up:
Beth Bollinger
Until the End of the Ninth


Nominees and Winners in Best Film Categories – Winners are Bolded and Marked with *

Nominations for Best Documentary Film

John Hemmer & The Showgirls



Always a General

Out of the Shadows: Negro Baseball

Honorable Mention:The Dogfather

Nominations for Best Feature Film


Block Island

Love & Everything in Between

One Bedroom

One Life To Give

*SIJI: Driver

Nominations for Best Foreign Feature Film

*Elvis Walks Home


Torments of Love

Jamaica Man

Nominations for Best Animation

*High Intensity


Blows in the Wind

Collision Course


Nominations for Best Music Video

Emoji Song

Me The Force

*Freedom ‘Fighter

Shut Up I’m On a Roll

White Rapper

Your Letter

Nominations for Best Webisode


*Playing Dirty

The Reunion

Nominations for Best Foreign Short

Deep Storage

Hot Girl



Welcome to the World

*2 Strangers Who Meet 5 Times

I See A Woman

Nominations Best Short

The Dollmaker



I Got A Call Back

*The Son the Father

The Prime

As It Seems

Kill Al

3 minutes


Nominations for Best Long Island Film

To Kill A Cat

A Thousand Words

The Museum of Lost Things


The Perfect Fit

The Eye

Mortal Wounds


Handle With Care

Nominations for Best Student Film

*College Senior

The Adventures of Penny Patterson


Do Not Lose

Follow Me


Nomination for Best Comedy

Handle with Care

*One Bedroom

Sexual Healing

Swiped Right

I Got a Call Back

Honorable Mention: To Kill a Cat

Audience Choice – Feature – *Dinosaur/Honor Amongst Men

Audience Choice Documentary – *Free Advice

Alan Fortunoff Humanitarian Film Award – *Always a General

Nominations for Best Story

Deep Storage


*Museum of Lost Things

The Doll Maker

2 Strangers Who Meet 5 Times

Elvis Walks Home

The Sandbox

Nominations for Best Director – Short

*As It Seems – Nancy Menagh

3 Minutes

Kill AL


The Son The Father

Mortal Wounds

Nominations for Best Director – Feature

*One Life to Give – Benji Dunaief

One Bedroom

Block Island


SIJI: Driver